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Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition

  • Poulsbo Parks Commission forms Skatepark Advisory Committee in 2018

  • Skatepark added to Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) in 2019-2024

  • Crossroads Rotary partners with Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition as Fiscal Sponsor

  • Suquamish Foundation Awards the 1st Grant to the Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition for $5,000.00 in 2021

Residents of the small fjord-like Pacific Northwest town of Poulsbo, Washington joined together to create a group by the name of Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition. Working as an advisory group with the City of Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Department, the group's mission is to assist in raising awareness, support, and funds to design and construct a modern, concrete, covered-skatepark to replace the city's two-decade old wooden ramp park from the late 1990's. The vision is for a free, inviting, year-round ridable, park with sustainable design features and artwork inspired by the community's tribal and nordic legacies. The park will serve as a gathering place that encourages creativity, activity, resilience, and community.

Crossroads Rotary is honored to act as the Fiscal Sponsor for the Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition and recognizes the importance of having year-round active recreational and social spaces for our community and for today's and future generations and believes in the positive impact skateparks provide for communities. 


We Are

Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition is a skateboarding community-based organization and advisory group. Our lives have been positively impacted by the skateboard community, skateparks, and supportive cities and we want to create a new park for Poulsbo, Washington and Kitsap County Residents for current and future generations!

Community Involvement

We're working to help the City of Poulsbo build a state-of-the-art concrete covered skatepark that is rideable year-round and lasts for decades to come! Our coalition members have hosted open-invite community skate jams and contests, organized park clean-ups, and built new features at the old park, participated in community events and festivals, and collaborates with the Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Department on milestones for the effort.


Helping Others

We aim to help the City of Poulsbo create a place for skaters, families, and skatepark enthusiasts to ride year-round, gather for connection, encouragement, and for a place that kids can ride safely. We're helping work with the City, community, and organizations towards selecting a site, a design, and fundraising for the future park. Our coalition team continues to plan programming, community outreach, and collaboratively advising the city as we push forward together!

Park Vision

Skateparks have transformative power for personal growth and community development. Our vision is to help foster a vibrant and inviting destination for Poulsbo and Kitsap residents to be able to ride year-round in a state-of-the-art, covered, concrete, and modern skatepark. Communities across the Northwest, Nation, and World recognize the value skateparks offer as long-lasting recreational facilities, supporting unstructured play, and as community gathering spaces. A few examples of parks that portray and inspire our effort and vision are shared below!  

The Challenge and Need

A City without a Skatepark

Demolition of Raab Park Skatepark in the Spring of 2024

Donate and volunteer to help the transformation of Poulsbo and its skatepark journey from its humble beginnings to its future state.


The old wooden ramp at Raab Park stood for over 20 years until Spring of 2024 when it was dismantled. Today, our community is without a skatepark, but we are determined to change that.


Join us in rebuilding a new space for skaters of all ages and skill levels to enjoy year-round!

The old Raab Park skatepark served the community for its entire lifespan and was at the onset of 1st generation skateparks here in Kitsap County. But the wood ramps required constant maintenance due to the harsh, wet, and dark location and weather and become hazardous with screws and metal rusting and popping out and wood rotting.  

The park was torn down in the Spring of 2024 and now just the concrete remains of the original pyramid and most recent manual pad which the Coalition helped build around 2021/22.

Poulsbo Needs a New Skatepark that is Covered, Concrete, and State-of-the-Art in a Visible and Accessible Site!

Support the Poulsbo Skatepark Project
Invest in Our Community's Future!

By supporting the Poulsbo Skatepark, you're helping to create a space where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can come together, share their love for skating, and experience its positive impact on physical, mental, and emotional well-being year-round in Poulsbo, Wa! 

Your donation goes beyond building a skatepark; it helps construct a community hub that embodies the values of inclusion, connection, active lifestyles, creativity, and the joy of skating.


Crossroads Rotary is the Fiscal Sponsor for the Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition and working in partnership with the community and City of Poulsbo and the Parks and Recreation Department as an advisory group on the skatepark project. 

Join us in making a lasting difference and fostering a vibrant, supportive skate community. Donate today and be a part of something truly special.

Crossroads Rotary is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit and any donations towards the Poulsbo Skatepark Coalition are tax deductible and designated for efforts supporting the future, covered, state-of-the-art concrete skatepark.

Thank you! 

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Get Involved!

We invite you to join us in making the Poulsbo Skatepark a cornerstone of Poulsbo's skate, art, and community culture. Whether you're a skater, a parent, or simply a supporter of community initiatives, there are many ways to get involved: 


Lend a hand at our events, help with connecting our coalition with grants, sponsors, and donors, and assist in community outreach efforts!


Your contributions help fund our programs, grant applications, and support our mission. 


Attend our events, share your ideas, and be an active part of our skate community.

Let's skate together and push towards building a stronger community! 

Get Your Poulsbo Skatepark Swag & Help Keep the Vision Pushed Forward!

Every T-shirt, hat, and sticker you buy helps keep our skate park rolling and our community thriving. It's a win-win – you get to sport some stylish swag, and we get closer to designing and building the ramps, rails, and curbs! So, grab some new fits, spread the word, and help us reach our goal of a covered, state-of-the-art concrete skatepark! 

Thank You and We Express our Deep Gratitude for All Those Who Support the Future Poulsbo Skatepark!

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